Monday, 8 March 2010

First Scottish Software Testing Club event in Edinburgh

I’d like to announce the first Scottish Software Testing Club meeting on Wednesday, 10th March, 7pm in the Filmhouse Bar, Lothian Road in Edinburgh. Food is nice and they always have vegetarian and vegan meals on the menu. The beer and wine selection is good as well. Thanks to Rosie for letting us put the STC label on this meeting.

This is an informal event and is intended as a networking session and just saying hello to the other local testers. Everyone’s welcome, even if you are a developer :-). Glenn and I are thinking of maybe making this a monthly institution, 2nd Wednesday of each month or something along these lines – we’ll see what the turnout is going to be.

We'll meet in the main area, I'll try and put a picture of the STC logo up if I have the space.

Hope to see you there,



  1. Congratulations Thomas,

    I'll wait for the updates post this meeting. I am sure even if few testers turned up, it's all worth the effort - because they'll go and tell another 5 people each and the network will grow. I have seen this happen with Weekend Testing and BWST.

    Wishing You a Good Time,
    Parimala Shankaraiah

  2. This is a good effort!!!
    It will lead to new milestone.
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  3. Thanks for the kind words, I hope a good number of people will turn up.


  4. Hope it goes well and you get a good turnout